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Discovery of the city to Noumea - New Caledonia
Rendez-vous to Noumea

We invite you to discover an eclectic and multicultural Nouméa. Sculptures recounting traditions and customs, works allowing us to understand the history of this territory as well as their artists will be the highlights of this tour.

Whether they are from here or elsewhere, they all have one thing in common: to help you discover New Caledonia.

History and politics, Monumental, Must-haves, Sculpture, Discovery of the city
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The Tjibaou Cultural Centre
The Tjibaou Cultural Centre
Rue des Accords de Matignon, 98845 Noumea

The Tjibaou Cultural Centre, designed by the architect Renzo Piano, was inaugurated on 4 May 1998 on an 8-hectare plot of land ceded by the city of Nouméa in 1992.

It is a privileged tool of the ADCK (Agency for the... Voir plus

Caroline DEGROISELLE Studio
Caroline DEGROISELLE Studio
2 rue Steinmetz, 98800 Noumea

Caroline's studio is a real enchantment. When you enter it, you immediately embark on a dreamlike journey that takes you, in turn, above the clouds or in front of an explosion of lava.

Not everyone is lucky enough to... Voir plus

Painter, Abstract, Expressionnism, Acrylic
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21 rue Felix Broche, 98800 Noumea

The "21" is a space for exchange and sharing. Located at 21 rue Felix Broche in Magenta, its green garden is an invitation to travel.

Alternative exhibition space this place offers new exhibitions every month.

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La Villa Cachée
La Villa Cachée
27 Boulevard Extérieur, 98800 Noumea

This magical place, hidden in lush greenery, is located in the heart of the city. When you arrive in front of this magnificent colonial residence, you are immediately transported to another universe of sweets and travel. T... Voir plus

Painter, Sculptor, Drawer, Aboriginal Art, Tribal Art, Wood, Pigment
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International earth day flowers
International earth day flowers
5 Rue fréderic surleau, 98800 Noumea

This work, created in collaboration with the second graders of Frédéric Surleau school as part of Earth Day 2022, aims to raise awareness of the climate emergency and obviously echoes his tribute to Greta Thunberg located... Voir plus

Painting, Street Art, Aerosol
Congrès de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
Congrès de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
1 Boulevard Vauban, 98800 Noumea

The Congress is the first institution of New Caledonia. Its importance in the life of New Caledonia and its position in the centre of Noumea have led the elected representatives to represent the DNA and New Caledonia throu... Voir plus

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Totem Liberté
Totem Liberté
1 boulevard Vauban, 98800 Noumea
Sculpture, Outsider Art, Wood
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Le Parc Forestier
Le Parc Forestier
Parc Forestier, 98800 Noumea

On this colourful and aerial fresco, we discover the emblematic animals of New Caledonia: the cagou, the crested gecko, the Ouvéa parakeet ... but also the Maki Catta from Madagascar, specimens of which can be seen in the... Voir plus

Painting, Street Art
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