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The Devine Within

"The Divine Within" is a notable piece created by Australian artist Alex Lehours for the Perfect Match project in 2016. This project aims to bring together urban artists and landowners to beautify public spaces and create a connection between art and the local community.

In the case of 'The Divine Within', Alex Lehours has transformed a large-scale wall into a striking and moving composition. The work is characterised by a vivid colour palette, complex organic forms and a distinctive sense of dynamics. The figures he has painted seem to emerge from a mesmerising canvas, creating a fusion between the natural world and human expression.

The title of the work, 'The Divine Within', suggests a theme of transcendence and inner exploration. It evokes the idea that something divine or profoundly human exists within each individual. The carefully executed details and abstract elements of the work seem to evoke a spiritual quest or personal introspection.

Lehours' work for the "Perfect Match" project in 2016 illustrates his ability to transform public spaces into living canvases that engage the viewer and make them think. "The Divine Within" continues his signature style, with a captivating visual energy and depth that invites further visual and intellectual exploration.

Atwork's Presentation

Size : Fresque murale

Category : Street Art

Year : 2016

Type de support : Painting

Number of prints :



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