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The idea of Atoflow was born in 2021 when we moved to New Caledonia and discovered a new territory of which we knew nothing. Although we have no artistic background, we have been aware of this universe for several years. We sincerely believe that art is an excellent way to understand society because it is a reflection of it. The work of artists allows us to understand the history, the great events but also the traditions and culture of a country, what better way to visit a city?

However, in our old town, we had our habits, our circles. But when we arrived in Noumea, we realised that it was not easy to "break into" a new artistic ecosystem and yet we have a real attraction for art. It was at this point that this observation became clear to us:

Art is reserved for an elite

Art can impress

Artistic actors are not always very visible from the outside

Through Atoflow, we propose an answer to these problems.