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Painter to Sydney - Australia
Artist Painter
Street Art

Alex Lehours is a contemporary Australian artist whose bold works fuse street art with a captivating modern aesthetic. Born with a passion for creativity from an early age, Lehours has quickly conquered the urban art world with his striking murals and innovative designs. His work is a skilful balance between the spontaneous gesture of graffiti and the meticulous precision of traditional painting.


Lehours is renowned for his distinctive style that blends bright colours, organic shapes and intricate detail. His vivid compositions often depict dynamic characters, striking portraits and energetic urban scenes. The walls of Sydney, as well as other international cities, bear the imprint of his talent, creating visual spaces that challenge and enliven the urban environment.

Entering the gallery world, Lehours continues to broaden his creative scope by exploring deeper, more introspective themes. His interior works often deal with human emotions, personal reflections and striking interpretations of contemporary life. He demonstrates a remarkable mastery of composition, colour and texture to create works that catch the eye and evoke feelings.

With an artistic career in constant evolution, Alex Lehours offers a fresh and stimulating perspective on modern art. His work transcends conventional boundaries and builds bridges between the worlds of street art and contemporary art.


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