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Cloud Nation

A converted vintage aircraft hangs inside the library, its surface transformed into a meticulously crafted miniature world.

Cloud Nation is a playful, enchanting and imaginative work of art that references many themes, including fictional narratives, migration and the cultural exchange made possible by air travel. It takes up the notion of an inner homeland that people carry within them, transforming it into a fantastical vision.

The small-scale models evoke the themes of migration and fantasy on the Beechcraft Travel Air, recalling the fictional island of Laputa from Jonathon Swift's classic novel Gulliver's Travels. Laputa is a flying island inhabited by people who love learning and culture.

You can engage with this work of art from a number of points, including monoculars provided on the square to observe the plane up close from outside the library.

Atwork's Presentation

Size : Sculpture

Category : Installation

Year : 2018

Type de support : Sculpture

Number of prints :



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