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Local graffiti artist GODMESS has created several amazing street art pieces in Porto and Lisbon. Close to the 24 de Agosto metro station in the city centre, you will see his piece "Aguadeiras"

The stunning piece covers an entire facade of a building. It pays homage to a group of volunteers that helped the needy in Porto several centuries ago.

Centuries ago, the plaza at Campo 24 de Agosto went by the name of Campo de Mijavelhas. There was a large water tank here, built in the 16th century, that contained water that people could drink or bathe in.

These volunteers, known as "Aguadeiras" carried clean drinking water all over the city of Porto to people that didn't have their own tanks. In his piece, GODMESS uses geometric shapes and different shades of blue and turquoise to portray the Aguadeiras transporting vases of water and balancing them on their heads.

Atwork's Presentation

Size : Fresque murale

Category : Street Art

Year : 2020

Type de support : Painting

Number of prints :



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