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Il Quarto Stato

"Il Quarto Stato (The Fourth State) is a major work by the Italian painter Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, painted in 1901. The painting is considered one of the most emblematic pieces of Italian social realism and has acquired historical importance as a symbol of the workers' movement.

Il Quarto Stato" depicts a demonstration scene with a group of workers marching in procession during a rally. Men, women and children from different social classes and professions stand side by side, symbolising the unity of the proletariat. The faces of the demonstrators express determination and hope, while the warm, vibrant colours used in the painting accentuate the energy and passion of the movement.

The artist's attention to detail and his use of the Divisionist technique are evident in "Il Quarto Stato". The Divisionist method involves applying small strokes of pure colour, which blend optically when the painting is viewed from a distance, creating effects of light and movement. This technique gives the painting a luminous and dynamic appearance, while allowing it to convey a powerful message about the struggle for workers' rights.

"Il Quarto Stato became a symbol of the labour movement and a visual reminder of the social injustices and difficult working conditions faced by Italian workers at the time. The work is also seen as a call for unity and solidarity between workers, regardless of their social or professional background.

Atwork's Presentation

Size : 293 × 545 cm

Category : Symbolism, Oil

Year : 1901

Type de support : Painting

Number of prints :



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