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Portrait to Nantes - France
Nantes women's

Discover art through women in Nantes.

Women in art as artists, muses or representations take us into a universe that is sometimes subtle and sometimes brutal. Women in art are both poetic and demanding, but above all they are multiple.

Portrait, Mixed, Discovery of the city
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Tunnel St Félix, 44000 Nantes

Nymphéa consists of a projection on the surface of the canal. A young woman moves quietly in an aquatic environment. This double presence of water, in the image and as a support for the image, produces a troubling... Voir plus

Digital, Installation
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Gallery 21 grammes
Gallery 21 grammes
1 rue Saint Denis, 44000 Nantes

Halfway between an art gallery and an artist's studio, Delphine Cossais and MIKA share this space where they regularly invite their artist friends.

Painter, Figurative, Oil
Femme libre
Femme libre
1 rue Saint Denis, 44000 Nantes

The "Heroines" series, of which this work is a part, is a work representing portraits of female personalities who have advanced the place of women in society, as well as paintings that tell of the strength and fighting spi... Voir plus

Painting, Figurative, Oil
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Raoul Studio
Raoul Studio
Atelier à découvrir, 44000 Nantes

Raoul P. Brosseau opens the doors of his workshop. Will you be able to discover the secrets of Raoul, his Raouls and his swimmers?

We promise you a pleasant encounter with a passionate and fascinating artist.

Hybrid Place
The heart of Anne de Bretagne
The heart of Anne de Bretagne
Musée Dobrée, 18 rue Voltaire, 44000 Nantes

What is often called the Heart of Anne of Brittany is in fact a gold burial case, made to contain the heart of Anne of Brittany (1477-1514). Anne of Brittany is famous for having been twice Queen of France, and witnessed t... Voir plus

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