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The "Tagli" (Cuts) series is one of the most emblematic and influential works by the Italian-Argentinian artist Lucio Fontana. This series is characterised by monochrome canvases, generally in dark colours such as black or blue, which have been perforated, torn or cut by the artist.

Fontana began exploring this artistic approach in the 1950s. The "Tagli" were a radical break with the traditional conventions of painting, challenging the notion of the canvas as a two-dimensional surface and exploring the idea of three-dimensional space.

Perforations and cuts in the canvases create openings in the surface, revealing the space behind the canvas. These openings add a sculptural dimension to the painting, transforming the canvas into a three-dimensional object. The interaction between surface and space opens up new possibilities of exploration for both artist and viewer.

Fontana's "Tagli" are often interpreted as metaphors for modernity, symbolising openness to new dimensions and new artistic perspectives. They challenge the traditional boundaries of painting and sculpture, challenging the distinctions between these two disciplines.

Fontana considered his "Tagli" to be works in their own right, and not simply paintings with holes in them. For him, these perforations were deliberate creative actions that expressed the idea of infinity and cosmic space.

Fontana's innovative approach with the "Tagli" has had a major influence on the development of contemporary art, particularly conceptual and minimalist art. His works have inspired many artists to rethink the notion of art and explore new possibilities for artistic expression.

Atwork's Presentation

Size : Toiles

Category : Minimalism

Year : 1958-1968

Type de support : Other media

Number of prints :



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