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Street art to Melbourne - Australia
Melbourne Graffiti Lane

Welcome to a visual journey into the heart of Melbourne, a city where urban art flourishes in its iconic lanes. This unique itinerary will guide you through the dynamic "lanes", urban canvases where each corner reveals a new graphic story.

Street art, Painter, Popular culture, Portrait, Urban, Mixed
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Little Bourke Street
Little Bourke Street
696 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Open-air street art at n°696

Uniacke Court Street Art
Uniacke Court Street Art
Uniacke Ct, Melbourne, 3004 Melbourne
Gallaghers Place Street Art
Gallaghers Place Street Art
Gallaghers Pl, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Mike Makatron and Conrad Bizjak’s mural depicts Melbourne, overtaken by jungle growth.

On a small laneway off Bourke Street, artists Mike Makatron and Conrad Bizjak have painted a Melbourne, reclaimed by nature.

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Gillis Alley
Gillis Alley
21/356 Little Collins St, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Located in Gills Alley in Melbourne's CBD, artists Adnate & Tommy Day worked together to create this work of art paying homage to the land of Wurundjeri and the Yarra River that runs through it.

AC/DC Lane Graffiti
AC/DC Lane Graffiti
AC/DC La, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

In 2004, Melbourne City Council unanimously voted to change the name of Corporation Lane to AC/DC Lane. This street is home to the Cherry Bar (which has since moved to 68 Little Collins St), which describes itself as "the... Voir plus

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The Jungle Funk
The Jungle Funk
30 Meyers Pl, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

The Jungle Funk Mural was created by Mike Makatron as part of the Green Your Laneways project. It depicts a stunning array of flora and fauna, including an imposing Corpse Flower (Titan arum) and a Buddha's Hand citrus fru... Voir plus

Painting, Street Art
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Loop Roof
Loop Roof
3/23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Come and visit their award-winning cocktail bars and rooftop gardens, which span two levels. They offer superb cuisine and exotic drinks at dizzying heights......

Their eye-catching vertical garden project climbs maj... Voir plus

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