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A melting pot of our favourite places, from street art to museums, let yourself be surprised by the most confidential places in Melbourne, favoured by local and international artists. You'll go from one discovery to another, meeting the people who make up Melbourne's cultural scene.

Discovery of the city, Popular culture, Unusual, Emerging artists, Painter, History and politics, Graphic, Street art, In family, Romance
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Koorie Heritage Trust
Koorie Heritage Trust
The Yarra Building, Federation Square, Flinders St &, Swanston St, Melbourne VIC, 3000 Melbourne

Contemporary space featuring Aboriginal and Koori artworks and objects, with public events. The Koorie Heritage Trust at Federation Square moves Koorie peoples, cultures and communities from the literal and figurative peri... Voir plus

Craft Victoria
Craft Victoria
Craft, Watson Pl, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Established in 1970 Craft is one of Victoria’s largest and oldest arts organisations. Supporting makers at all stages of their career through exhibitions, public programs, events and retail, Craft enrichens a vibrant and s... Voir plus

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The Jungle Funk
The Jungle Funk
30 Meyers Pl, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

The Jungle Funk Mural was created by Mike Makatron as part of the Green Your Laneways project. It depicts a stunning array of flora and fauna, including an imposing Corpse Flower (Titan arum) and a Buddha's Hand citrus fru... Voir plus

Painting, Street Art
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Loop Roof
Loop Roof
3/23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Come and visit their award-winning cocktail bars and rooftop gardens, which span two levels. They offer superb cuisine and exotic drinks at dizzying heights......

Their eye-catching vertical garden project climbs maj... Voir plus

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Atoflow takes you through thematic routes to meet art. Thanks to your geolocation, discover local artists, meet them in their studio, discuss their passion and techniques, discover the selections of gallery owners and the hidden works that surround us.

We offer you an immersive experience to decipher the keys to art. Let yourself be transported on a unique journey through the eyes of artists of yesterday and today.

A confidential universe that becomes accessible to everyone, anywhere. Whether you have an hour or several days, whether you are alone or with your family, Atoflow offers you the route that best suits your needs.