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Discovery of the city to La Rochelle - France
L'Art Rochelle

Visit La Rochelle through its galleries and its unmissable artistic spots. The different stages of this tour will take you to meet passionate people who will help you discover the local artists. Galleries, street art walls but also gastronomy and guest houses are on the programme of this 100% discovery tour.

Discovery of the city
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Atelier Bletterie
Atelier Bletterie
11ter rue Bletterie, 17000 La Rochelle

L'Atelier Bletterie is both an art gallery & an artists' studio, located in the heart of La Rochelle. This association welcomes artists in residence and regularly organizes exhibitions.

Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Drawer
PRAO Restaurant
PRAO Restaurant
10 rue Saint Nicolas, 17000 La Rochelle

Located in the heart of the Saint-Nicolas district, a stone's throw from the port, the PRAO restaurant has been welcoming you in an atypical setting since 2014.

You will enjoy a cuisine prepared with fresh seasonal a... Voir plus

Meal, Temporary Exhibition
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La Friche du Gabut
La Friche du Gabut
Rue de l'Armide, 17000 La Rochelle

La Friche du Gabut is an industrial wasteland in the heart of the city. Today it is the favorite playground of graffiti artists who express themselves in large format on the walls, at the foot of the towers of La Rochelle.... Voir plus

La mini galerie
La mini galerie
23 rue Fleuriau, 17000 La Rochelle

The Mini Gallery was born from a desire to exhibit a careful selection of painters, photographers, graphic artists, creators and designers.

Each place has its identity, its soul, its trends.

The MINI its credo... Voir plus

Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Drawer, Others
Eden Ouest
Eden Ouest
33 rue Thiers, 17000 La Rochelle

Your guest house Eden Ouest is a place of artistic abundance: sculptures, paintings and stained glass windows have been entirely revisited by Lise, painter and co-mistress of the house. This guest house overturns the class... Voir plus



Atoflow takes you through thematic routes to meet art. Thanks to your geolocation, discover local artists, meet them in their studio, discuss their passion and techniques, discover the selections of gallery owners and the hidden works that surround us.

We offer you an immersive experience to decipher the keys to art. Let yourself be transported on a unique journey through the eyes of artists of yesterday and today.

A confidential universe that becomes accessible to everyone, anywhere. Whether you have an hour or several days, whether you are alone or with your family, Atoflow offers you the route that best suits your needs.