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Painter to Lisbon - Portugal
Artist Painter
Street Art
Tamara Alves

Tamara Alves (b. 1983) is a Portuguese visual artist and illustrator, currently based in Lisbon. She has always been interested in a kind of work which is inserted in the world, fascinated with the streets aesthetics and urban context, in order to present her works of art in the street or in public spaces.


Tamara Alves has been weaving a narrative that celebrates in a raw, poetic way the primeval vitality of strong sensations, of an animal becoming, of brute passion, as opposed to rational deliberation.

Based on the idea that our instincts are what defines us, the artist invokes a universe of (female) human and animal figures in interaction with the natural landscape and objects imbued with a strong symbolic charge that invite us to embrace feelings as a wild and untamed driving force. A universe where love, can be the fruit of an impact, an accident, growing within us like a wild flower.


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