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Sculptor to Milan - Italy
Artist Sculptor
Abstract, Bronze

Lucio Fontana was an Italian artist of Argentinian origin, known as one of the pioneers of twentieth-century contemporary art. Born on 19 February 1899 in Rosario, Argentina, he grew up in a family of artists and pursued his passion for art throughout his life.


Fontana studied sculpture and painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy. In the 1930s, he joined the Spatialist movement, a group of artists who advocated a new approach to art based on space, light and movement.

He is best known for his "Tagli" (incisions) and "Concetti Spaziali" (Spatial Concepts), which are series of paintings in which he pierces the canvas to create openings and cavities. These works challenge the traditional notion of two-dimensional art and explore the idea of three-dimensional space.

Fontana has also created sculptures in ceramic and bronze, as well as spatial environments, combining different artistic media to express his exploration of space and movement.

His "Tagli" (Cuts) series, in particular, has become emblematic of his work. These works consist of monochrome canvases pierced in several places, creating an interaction between the surface and the space behind the canvas. These "Cuts" are often interpreted as metaphors for modernity, symbolising the opening up to new dimensions and new artistic perspectives.

Lucio Fontana was a visionary artist who shaped the art of his time and influenced subsequent generations of contemporary artists. His bold exploration of space, light and movement redefined the boundaries of art and contributed to the emergence of abstract and conceptual art.



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