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Painter to Nantes - France
Artist Painter
Figurative, Oil
Ewa Hauton

Ewa Hauton was born in Poland and studied fine arts there. She graduated as an art director in advertising in France; then she worked as a graphic designer, visual artist, never giving up painting. Since moving to Nantes in 2014, she devotes herself solely to painting; she works in her studio in Nantes and exhibits in several galleries in France and abroad.


"My research on the portrait is done in large format. The subject is movement, the trace of passage, the elusive... It is a very dynamic process, first with charcoal, then with oil, pencil and many glazes. I work by mixing painting with drawing, with large gestures and also with fine and delicate strokes following the tunes of Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninov..."


Facebook : ewahauton
Instagram : ewahauton


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