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Nantes - France
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Nantes is one of the first French cities to put art in the heart of the city and no less was expected from the birthplace of Jules Verne.

A former industrial city, it has been able to reinvent itself and transform the district of the former shipyards into a district of creation. Nantes, cradle of the Royal de Luxe company, famous for its giant shows in the streets of the whole world, but also for Machines, of which the Elephant has become one of the city's emblems.

Between land and sea, between city and countryside, bathed in vineyards, the Nantes metropolis is an excellent playground. Le Voyage à Nantes invests a lot in developing its permanent artistic journey and allows us to discover great international artists around the streets. It is a city particularly suitable for first trips or when you are accompanied by children because art is particularly accessible there.


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