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Sydney - Australia
Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Drawer, Digital, Others
Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of Australia's leading art institutions. Located in Sydney, it is one of the country's leading art galleries and has a diverse collection of national and international works of art.

The gallery was founded in 1871 and since then has acquired and exhibited a wide range of artworks, spanning different periods and artistic styles. Its permanent collection includes paintings, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, works on paper and much more.

The Art Gallery of NSW regularly organises temporary exhibitions highlighting Australian and international artists and specific artistic themes. It plays an essential role in promoting art and culture in Australia by offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide variety of artistic expressions.

In addition to its commitment to contemporary art, the gallery also has a rich collection of historical works, ranging from ancient to modern art. It is situated close to the Royal Botanic Garden and the Sydney Opera House, in a picturesque location with panoramic views over Sydney Harbour.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales plays a major role in Sydney's cultural life and attracts local and international visitors eager to discover the art treasures it houses.


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Facebook : ArtGalleryofNSW
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Art Gallery Rd
2000 Sydney

thursday-tuesday 10AM-5PM
wednesday 10AM-10PM



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