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Painter to Porto - Portugal
Artist Painter
Bordalo II

Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo was born in Lisbon in 1987. A product of the illegal graffiti culture (he started tagging walls at the age of 11), he made a name for himself under the pseudonym "Bordalo II" by creating large-scale outdoor installations in 2013.


These works are essentially multicoloured animals made from recycled materials that he repaints. There are now more than a hundred of these colourful creatures in around twenty countries, and they are spreading internationally, like avatars of globalisation, which they openly criticise. Bordalo II's works are always eco-responsible, since their very composition is based on assemblages of detritus gleaned from the streets or from rubbish tips.

By working with objects, the artist manages to give a semblance of life to inanimate matter. The bric-a-brac filling that forms the backdrop to the resurrected animal underlines an economic and social truth, while breaking down stereotypes. By making this mutant zoo, the artist reminds his contemporaries of their duty to respect the environment, and acts as a counterpoint to the omnipotence of mass retailing.


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