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Painter to Gdynia - Poland
Artist Painter
Abstract, Realism, Street Art, Surrealism, Acrylic, Aerosol

Przemysław Blejzyk, Born in 1988 in Łódź. Graduate of Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, PL. Artist engaged in the study of formal processes in painting, mural and digital art. Based on the study of the mechanisms of nature and landscape, he creates multi-element compositions seeking a new way of representing reality in visual arts. He lives and works in Gdynia.


"I am more interested in describing the times through contemporary mechanisms of vision. When I draw landscapes in my sketchbooks, I sometimes combine a couple of them on one page to create one composition made out of different views connected by a relation of colors. The screens on our computers, TV sets, or smartphones, are divided into multiple windows that we see at the same time. Rather than reproducing the icons that surround us, I want to explore contemporary painting through the way we consume images." (Sainer)


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