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New Zealand
Street Art, Aerosol
Yoii et Tea Wei

Tea Wei, also known as T-Wei, is a contemporary artist and illustrator.
Known for his illustrations and murals, his work is characterized by geometric patterns and psychedelic perspectives that give a new dimension to everyday objects and scenes.

Yoii, whose real name is Anna Johnstone, is known for her work as a painter and illustrator, as well as her creations of designer toys and murals.
Her artistic style is characterized by a strong connection between humans and the natural world, often incorporating animals as the main subjects. Her works can range from a playful tone to darker and introspective themes.


T-Wei’s approach is a mixture of modern techniques and deep personal reflections, seeking to create works that challenge and engage the viewer while exploring themes of freedom and identity.

Yoii’s artistic approach is based on a strong connection between humans and the natural world, often illustrated by animals. Her works are characterized by emotional elements, which can be both cute and playful, or carry darker themes and melancholic nuances. This duality allows her creations to express a variety of emotions and reflections, especially on the relationship between humanity and nature, as well as on the effects of modern society on the emotional well-being of individuals.


Facebook : tweihee
Instagram : tw.ei


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