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Sculptor to Noumea - New Caledonia
Artist Sculptor
New Caledonia
Outsider Art, Primarery Art, Wood, Bronze, Ceramic
Francis Lôter

Lôter was born in 1948 into a family of winegrowers and stonecutters. Born in Cessenon sur Orb, he spent his childhood and adolescence in this small village in the high cantons of the Hérault. He has been living in New Caledonia since 2007 in Vallon Dore, where he works in his studio "Mon Cabanon" on "Parcours en Mélanésie".


There are still journeys that profoundly change the one who undertakes them. There are journeys that, instead of exiling, bring us closer to the human being and his eternal questions about life and death. Lôter's artistic journey is one of these exceptional odysseys.

What strikes the eye and the mind first is the essential verticality of the works, their natural and vegetal transcendence. For that is what it is all about: man, in his structure, is restored through the figure of the tree, an element which, par excellence, makes the permanent link between heaven and earth. A tribute to Melanesian symbolism and beliefs, his work echoes the words of Maurice Leenhardt in Gens de la Grande Terre: "The tree often appears as the envelope in which the latent existence of the ancestor was imprisoned".

Invoking ancient times, secret or forgotten gods, Lôter walks in respect of the culture and customs of this Earth he loves. He sculpts and exults in the cradle of direct expression "Melanesia". His works look at the sky with an obsessive search for height, accompanied by existential symbols, in a floating balance sucked by the light. They are a witness that, going deep into the human psyche, awakens in us the recordings of our roots in the darkest aspects of our being: the bark as skin, the heart of the wood as bone. Lôter, artist and bridge between two conceptions of the world, leads us into the magical universe of illumination and happy crossbreeding.

Neither calculation nor didacticism have any place in his work. Lôter sculpts in the round and practices direct carving, without prior sketch or model. Only the original volume of the block allows the emergence of a form imagined by the thematically oriented writing.

No theory in the matter: the artist vibrates with an original emotion and prefers direct expression to intellectual reasoning.Can we still call "portraits", these fragments in movement of "Unfinished Human Geometry"?

Each of his sculptures, like a journey from life to death, then to rebirth or eternal wandering, invites the visitor to introspection and reflection on the meaning of our destinies.


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Francis Lôter welcomes you every day by appointment at the Cargo des Arts


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