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Sculptor to Noumea - New Caledonia
Artist Sculptor
New Caledonia
Mr Djoul

Mr Djoul is a street artist specialising in mosaics, famous for having installed over a thousand works in the streets of Paris and internationally. Initially, he worked as a "reactivator" for the artist Space Invader, repairing or recreating his damaged works. An engineer by training, Mr Djoul has a passion for extraterrestrial life, which shines through in his work, particularly through the recurrence of little aliens in his mosaics.

+ a word from Alexandre Thauron aka "Nouméa Street Art":
"We all know Space Invaders, who shows up in cities all over the world with his old-school Pixel men.Mr Djoul is a cousin with an alien in mosaics all over the world. He came to New Caledonia in December 2023 and left 12 mosaics in the street. It's up to you to find the others :)"


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Instagram : mr_djoul


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