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Painter to Noumea - New Caledonia
Artist Painter
New Caledonia
Abstract, Impressionnism, Watercolor, Oil

Caroline Degroiselle (b. 1963) is a French artist living and working in Nouméa, New Caledonia. She was also the recipient of the 2019 Michelangelo International Prize.

Despite her focus on New Caledonia, Degroiselle notes that it is important to her to exhibit her work internationally, and therefore to spread the message of joy and gratitude around the world.


Degroiselle writes that her work aims to “praise the positive and beautiful things in life.” It follows that the artist uses vibrant colors and dynamic, wave-like gestures to create her expansive works. As a self-taught artist, Degroiselle remarks that it is important to be true to one’s sense of self and vision. Therefore, her canvas is a reflection of her story: she paints according to her life’s victories, challenges, and discoveries.

Accordingly, the artist is influenced by her natural surroundings in Nouméa, specifically the interaction between light and lagoon. Much like the Impressionists, natural themes and the treatment of light are paramount to Degroiselle’s style. In the future, she hopes to develop these interests further through abstract paintings and larger-scale works.


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Discover the exhibition of her artists, who she has been accompanying in their discovery of color for over a year, at the Galerie d'art Arte Bello from November 11 to 23, 2023:

Galerie Arte Bello and the "Art Ô Cœur" group of artists invite you to discover their creations at a "Café Rencontre" on Saturday November 11 from 9:30 am.


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