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Painter to Salé - Morocco
Artist Painter
Street Art, Aerosol, Mixed media
Morran Ben Lahcen

Morran Ben Lahcen belongs to the avant-garde of contemporary artists. Born near Marrakech, living near Rabat, he remains attached to his Moroccan roots without becoming locked into them.

Self-taught, he first made his way into the artistic landscape through street art. It is success, recognition. However, Morran Ben Lahcen wants to explore other lands, refusing to be stamped only as a "graffiti artist" while his creative genius pushes him elsewhere. The loss of his parents - his father in 2008 and his mother in 2015 - was the trigger: it was time to change his way of life and to give himself to an art that was more in harmony with the man he had become, an art that was more intimate, more demanding too.


Memory and its variations, its entanglements, the perception and/or apprehension of time, communication, the connection between beings and in the being... are all subjects of reflection that feed his works, from their conception, their composition, to the material used, whether it is wool or horn for example. One can see in them, and rightly so, the influence of his life experience: the obsession of time to be found, of memories to be maintained so that faces and voices remain... It is also, and above all, the interest of a citizen in the world around him, for these are subjects that are contemporary to him/us: the memory of peoples who move at the risk of being lost, intrusive connections, time that we are trying to thwart through medicine, cinema...

All these dimensions are at the origin of the abstraction of Morran BEN LAHCEN's works. Figuration would be incapable of rendering the richness of our artist's questioning, rather his bubbling, the plural immediacy of the ideas that assail him. His works thus transmit to us, through this aesthetic bias, the vibrations that animate him.

Sylvain Huard.

We can probably see in this the influence of his life experience with an obsession with the passing of time and the need to maintain memories. So many other existential questions are at the origin of the abstraction and the aestheticism of his works.




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