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Sculptor to Marrakesh - Morocco
Artist Sculptor
Julien Vrignaud

Julien Vrignaud, a man from the Vendée who is proud of his roots right down to his very core. A Vendéen with an atypical background, a self-taught artist.

"At first, I wasn't destined for artistic creation, but more for the sound of pots and pans on a kitchen piano. Then I became a completely self-taught wrought ironworker, specialising in fittings and decoration. Soldering was a necessity for certain projects, and a real creative desire crept into me, with the need to go further in the process. To explore materials beyond the limits imposed by my job as a fitter and decorator. What was once a desire became a real need.

In 2018, an artistic spark ignited, a creative fever that had long been put to one side found its way with the arrival of his first monumental piece: La girafe de métal et de bois...

"Architecture, lines, geometry, looking for the guiding framework of a form. My research, inspired by my desire to put my skills to good use, instinctively focused on animals. Their postures and attitudes are a real source of inspiration today. Giving birth, from cold inert iron bars, to works with their own characters and intentions, is an incredible experience. They come to life in my hands. My metal bestiary".

Whether they are huge models or smaller pieces, the pleasure of creating and giving life to these unique works is the very essence of the creative process. "I don't limit myself to one type, size or model of creation. I let myself be led by my desires and, of course, by those of the art collectors who put their trust in me."

Recognition of Julien's work is now a matter of course, and goes beyond the privileged relationships with the collectors who have already placed their trust in him. His work is attracting increasing interest from professionals in the art world.


Julien Vrignaud exhibite at Galerie BCK since 2023 and quickly gained popularity in Marrakech thanks to his monumental animal sculptures.

Known mainly for his camel named Albert, locals and tourists alike have been able to catch a glimpse of him first at the sumptuous Almanjena estate and then on the lawns opposite the famous Nobu, inaugurated by Robert de Niro in the Hivernage district. N

Our artistic approach is to share his sculptures in different majestic locations. As a result, his sculptures have been integrated into the Novotel, the Hivernage Hotel/Market Table and the Almaaden Golf Club.


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