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Sculptor to Marrakesh - Morocco
Artist Sculptor
Figurative, Steel, Metal
Khalid Darnaoud

Khalid DARNAOUD was born on 21 April 1972 in Casablanca.

Self-taught artist, his initial trajectory was different. Destined to study law, which he passed with flying colours, he felt animated by an artistic fibre that eventually caught up with him.

His initially timid attempts at painting or creating sent clear signals about his aspirations and the choice of his future path.

He then exchanged his lawyer's robe for a construction suit and travelled all over Morocco in search of enriching the artistic fibre that had always animated him.

Initially working under the direct guidance of renowned master craftsmen in the four corners of the country, he finally settled in Marrakech in 2012 where he held the position of product designer. An enriching professional experience in decoration and the creation of unique pieces and collections of furniture, lighting and decorative objects.


"Art in all its states and forms", artist and craftsman, he works with all materials from wood to metal, as long as his hands lead him to a new creation.

Having his own style, he works directly on iron, which is his favourite material, by assembling pieces of sheet metal and iron rods that he welds together in order to sculpt the movements and expressions of his creations. He also uses paint and all sorts of coloured patinas that he has learned to master and which now, in a new concept, colour his works.

With several exhibitions to his credit, his desires do not stop there. Khalid DARNAOUD continues his voice in a fertile creativity in sculpture and design, always in search of inspiration and improvement of his technique and his style.

He continues his research within himself first and foremost, drawing inspiration from the great artists who have marked the history of art in order to refine his own.


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