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Sculptor to Marrakesh - Morocco
Artist Sculptor
Pop Art, Metal
Lorànt Waald

Lorànt Waald is a French sculptor and visual artist who lives between Paris and Marrakech, which he discovered 20 years ago. Co-founder of the ORENZO brand, he is at the origin of the first metal cactus sculptures which have been flourishing in Marrakech for 18 years and which he has continued to develop into real works of art throughout the world.


The work is thoughtful, measured, methodical in its execution as well as in the choice of a subject, an object or a motif which take on the value and importance of a fetish or an emblem, on which the affect is involved and applied in the metal whose austere coldness the artist tames to reveal, on the contrary, its pervasive individuality, its sensitive and generous nature. An art that does not limit itself to being inspired by Nature, even less to counterfeiting it, but rather strives to interpret its language for us. A rich, inventive, universal language. The natural is sophisticated, the simplicity pure, the work extremely complex. A language of extravagant forms and exuberant colours. Far from superfluous or random, but the consequences of constant genetic mutations that plants undergo in order to adapt to the rest of the living world, and highlighted by the artist, through his mutant plant sculptures, poetic hyperboles of a field of possibilities


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