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Sculptor to Marrakesh - Morocco
Artist Sculptor
Freestanding Sculpture, Metal
Abdelhaq El Youssi

Abdelhaq El Youssi spent his childhood in the working class district of Salé. In the workshops and factories, he discovered the raw materials that he would later use in his creations: scrap metal, wood, glue, etc. What does he see in a piece of twisted iron? A future face.

Passionate about creation, he was eager to learn. He decides to leave for Black Africa. There he meets masters who will train him. The encounters he made during this six-year journey gave rise to his inspiration.

After six years of absence, he returned to Morocco and worked in the street, his favourite territory. It is in this lively and animated environment that he likes to create rather than in a closed space! It is an opportunity for him to share with passers-by, to present his work and express his opinions.

The projects and exhibitions follow one another. In 2006 he settled in the Ourika valley where he set up his workshop, Savo'Art Fer. A workshop and a gallery open to the public in order to be as close as possible to the local population and the street world.

His work on a dead tree in the Targa valley was very well received. A rising figure in Moroccan art, he was selected to take part in the sculpture exhibition along Avenue Mohamed VI in Marrakech, where he created an animated sculpture made from recycled iron.

He has also participated for several years in the Awaln'art festival which contributes to the development of art in the public space and takes place in Marrakech, the red city. His spearhead? To make art accessible to all.


A nature lover and ecologist at heart, he uses recycled materials and offers original creations inspired by the world of childhood, African crafts and above all what he poetically calls "his personal legend".

Sculptor and painter, he works on universal themes, masks, iron men, the magic of gesture, emotions and on everything that inspires him in our world.

Sharing and love. His meeting with a young German painter invites him to travel through Africa. Fate made him discover the talent of a Malian artist from whom he would learn a lot. His travels inspire him, everything inspires him: the music, the cultures, the people. Adbelhaq El Youssi finds his inspiration everywhere, at any time.

What interests him is "relief". That of the material, of course, with which he composes his pieces, but also that of the street. The "performer" only conceives art by sharing it.

The creative process is random because the iron is hard; it must be made to "obey gently". Sometimes the initial idea does not always come to fruition and gives way to another. The act of creating always involves a surprise. It seduces from West Africa to the United States via Europe, and the works are exported.

Divine, popular and accessible, the artist's creations resemble people who love life. "Art is about the heart: the more you give, the more you receive.


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