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Painter to Marrakesh - Morocco
Artist Painter
Abstract, Mixed media
Olivier Vincent

Olivier is a self-taught French artist born in 1970 in Seoul. He works and lives in the Rhône Alpes region of France.

Inspired by the greatest contemporary artists (Keith Haring, Ron Arad, etc.), Olivier adds to his creations an originality linked to the mastery of his technique that makes him a talented artist. In his shapes and materials, he seeks to delight the senses: he feeds the eyes and excites the touch. His shapes are sensual in the extreme, his colours a palette of visual flavours. Whether artist or magician, he brings up emotions buried deep in our subconscious, this quest for happiness that is sometimes considered childish in our dehumanised world. His shadows are anonymous, fraternal living beings, united for the duration of a game.

In 2006, Olivier began to create his "shadows" series on large aluminium panels. The shadows entwine, merge and play with the viewer. The bright colours and the effects of relief and material give life to a joyful farandole of ephemeral forms. Attracted, fascinated, the eye seeks a landmark, a direction for this colourful fantasia. Resting the soul, awakening the senses, each of Olivier's works appeals to the sensibility and sensuality in all of us.


Testimonial from BCK Gallery: "It's a real pleasure to work with Olivier Vincent, he's a great artist and very humble. This is Olivier's first exhibition in Morocco, but he is already very well known in France. At his vernissage at the BCK Art Gallery on 13 May, journalists and visitors were impressed by his paintings on aluminium, a first in Morocco. The aesthetic quality of his canvases brightened up the gallery. He is exhibiting at the BCK Gallery until 30 June, but due to its success, the exhibition will be extended until the end of August to give it a wider exposure to Casaoui and Rabati".


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