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Painter to Marrakesh - Morocco
Artist Painter
Geométric, Acrylic, Collage, Engraving, Mixed media
Noureddine Chater

Born in 1975 in Marrakech, Noureddine Chater studied plastic arts. In 1988, he was awarded the prize for Young Painting by the city of Lidice (Czechoslovakia). His first exhibition dates back to 1997 in Marrakech. He held a position as a teacher of applied arts, which he left to devote himself to painting. In 2002, he led painting and calligraphy workshops in France. In 2008, he received the Grand Prix National de la Caisse des Dépôts et de Gestion for his series of fifty Moroccan flags, created for the fiftieth anniversary of Moroccan independence.


He lives and works in Marrakech. Chater refers to Arabic calligraphy as the source of his inspiration. He seizes the letter to make it the object of his work on painting. It becomes language, movement, trace. In a desire for invention, the artist uses paper and canvas to vary the effects of material and colour. Chater focuses on the movement, the momentum of the sign that he sometimes isolates on a large sheet of paper, using mixed techniques: engraving, acrylic paint, glue. He uses geometry to construct abstract landscapes of juxtaposed squares and rectangles, enclosed in a frame where each element resonates with the one that follows or precedes it. The most important thing for Chater is not the sign, the letter or the star, which appears as a form in the centre of the work, but the intense work on the material. "What is important to me is not the contingent motif I use, but the composition and the colours of the painting. My approach is that of a painter, not that of an official of the sacred or a worker of the sign. (Noureddine Chater)


Facebook : nour.chater
Instagram : noureddine_chater


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