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Jardin des arts

Inaugurated in November 2016 during COP22, the Jardin des Arts brings together, in the heart of Guéliz, the sculptures of 22 Moroccan artists; all concerned by environmental issues.

This new green setting, located along Avenue Mohamed V, was designed by Moroccan artist Mahi Binebine and the BDA agency, which includes three art collectors, Gael Barrazza, Abdelmalek Kadiri and Hassan Lahrizi.

Together, they took the pretext of COP 22 to bring together 22 promising artists such as Hassan Hajjaj, Abdelrim Ouazzani or Yasmina Alaoui and to make them work on the theme of the environment and ecology.

The BDA agency explains the approach: "During a discussion on the subject of COP22, we asked ourselves what means we could use to support Morocco's commitment to fight global warming, while adding an artistic dimension. At the initiative of Mahi Binebine, we undertook the project of rehabilitating an abandoned garden and decorating it with monumental sculptures.

The result? 22 militant and environmentally friendly works now adorn the famous Boulevard Mohamed V. "These sculptures will remain there for eternity, as a legacy for future generations.

Inaugurated for the COP 22, this new colourful park is located in the Bab Nkab garden, on Mohamed V Avenue. Don't hesitate to drop by during your stay in Marrakech... Especially at night! The lighting is magical!

Atwork's Presentation

Size : Jardin

Category : Outdoor Sculture

Year : 2016

Type de support : Sculpture

Number of prints :



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