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Kalamour could be described as a curious artist. A lover of art, Kalamour, or rather Abdellatif Farhate by name, is a visual artist who is always looking for new experiences. Born in 1974, this young Moroccan has already touched on everything. From an academic training at the Casablanca School of Fine Arts, he says that it was there that he was initiated to love art for art's sake. And it is also where he was able to develop his own pictorial style and his concept of artistic research that accompanies him today. His works are very easy to identify, they all carry the same questions, but each has its own language.

This pacifist and extremely calm artist has already touched on everything. Comics, caricature, sculpture, video art, graphic design, music and many other talents make Kalamour an accomplished artist.


Pure semi-abstract. "My work has evolved in several stages. First, I started by studying African masks, I was very passionate about them and I wanted to discover their meanings and symbols. This had a great influence on my painting before I became interested in self-portraits. There I discovered that the faces I was painting expressed a great loneliness, and this was confirmed when I began to experiment with the diversity of forms, materials and notions that have since accompanied my work, which are full and empty and light and dark", explains Kalamour.

"I believe that my artistic quest in all its forms of expression will never end. I have worked so much and I feel that I still have a lot to do, it's simple, I haven't done anything I plan to do yet", concludes Kalamour with his eternal smile.

Multidisciplinary, he takes pleasure in mixing materials and supports, mixed media is one of his trademarks.


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