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Painter to Milan - Italy
Artist Painter
Street Art, Acrylic

Pao was born in Milan in 1977, where he currently lives and works. He began his career working as a stagehand, recordist and stage technician for the theatre company of Dario Fo and Franca Rame, while continuing his studies and work at the Teatro della Scala in Milan. In 2000, he staged his first street performances.

In 2005, Pao founded the Paopao Studio, which has become the main venue for his artistic activity. Over the years, he has worked with many companies, including Motta, Gatorade, Galatine, Seven, Harley Davidson, Accenture, Chicco, Ceres and many others.

Thanks to the growing attention paid to his work, he has had the opportunity to exhibit his creations in public spaces, museums and private galleries, both in Italy and abroad. His work has been shown at various exhibitions, including the Milan Contemporary Art Pavilion, the Milan Triennale and the Venice Biennale.


After meeting graphic designer Laura Pasquazzo, the studio opened up to different fields such as graphic design, web design, installations and decorations, merchandising and the production and promotion of objects.

In 2007, following the 'Street Art Sweet Art' exhibition at the PAC - Pavillon d'art contemporain in Milan, Pao began to explore new artistic avenues by working on canvases and three-dimensional fibreglass supports. This approach led him to experiment with new materials, to carry out prospective research, to play with visual distortions and to explore the use of curved geometries. His aim was to transcend the two-dimensionality of the canvas and the three-dimensionality of our world.


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