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Painter to Ubud - Indonesia
Artist Painter
I Wayan Januariawan

I Wayan Januariawan (Donal) is an Indonesian Modern & Contemporary artist of asian origins, who was born in 1986.


Donal wishes to revive and embody the “tradition” of painting in the history of the development of modern art through the method of painting on the spot. In addition, he returns to objects he finds in nature and tries to appreciate and permeate the phenomenon of form, where aspects of light play a vital role in the absorption of objects by the eye and are then transferred to the canvas plane.

The choice of objects painted by Donal on the spot is also an object in the surrounding environment that is familiar in his daily life as a Balinese. Thus, what appears visibly in Donal’s works is the painting of landscapes, trees, or parts of certain plants that are painted close-up, or a collection of natural objects.


Instagram : iwayandonal


See his exhibition "NUDE" from 29 October at 6pm at DEN~O Coffee Ubud.

You can also meet him in his workshop in the Jero gadung area of Ubud. For the address and to make an appointment, contact him on Instagram.


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