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Painter to London - United Kingdom
Artist Painter
United Kingdom
Street Art, Aerosol

Sickboy is a street artist from Bristol, UK, known for his temple logo and his ‘Save the Youth’ slogan. It is claimed Sickboy was one of the first UK graffiti artists to use a logo instead of a ‘tag’.

Sickboy originally trained in fine art and, as well as painting graffiti on the street, he also paints on canvas and exhibits conventionally in art galleries. He has been painting street art since circa 1995. In recent years Sickboy has become known for painting his ‘temple’ logo on wheelie bins, which can then be worth up to £50,000.

Sickboy has built up one of the largest bodies of street art works and he has been labeled as one of the movement’s most bankable artists. But, he wouldn’t call himself professional graffiti artist even though his humorous and subversive street exploits have firmly placed him in the upper echelons of the British street art movement.

Sickboy moved to London in 2007 and his street art became prevalent particularly in the East End boroughs of Shoreditch and Tower Hamlets. He is currently based between his London and Barcelona studios, exhibiting and curating across international art fairs and self-funded projects worldwide.


Instead of lettering, he used a pictorial logo, an emblem, for his tag. The logo in question is a red and yellow emblem named “The Temple” and can be glimpsed on walls and wheelie bins worldwide. However, Sickboy has always painted on canvas alongside graffiti. Sickboy’s peculiar paintings, characterized by cartoonish style and vivid colors, are filled with humorous characters and funny situations that spread all over the canvas leading or misleading the viewer’s eye from one story to the other. He is a peerless storyteller with playful visual language and one of the artists with whom we are proud to collaborate.
“I’ve been exploring and pushing my figurative and landscape work through a broad spectrum of sources such as renaissance masterpieces to surrealist art. I wanted to represent my version of heaven and earth. I’m not religious, but at the same time, I’m fascinated by religion and its effect on art over the years.”

The artist’s current practice includes interactive installation, abstract narrative painting, film and light sculpture, audience participation and public intervention.


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