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Painter to La Rochelle - France
Artist Painter
Street Art, Aerosol
Niko Bushman

Niko Bushman discovered graffiti in a film by Jean-Jacques Beineix. He was immediately fascinated by the graffiti and the character of the graffiti artist. Afterwards, he never stopped being interested in graffiti, its culture and its history. He comes from a working class family where artistic culture was not the main interest of his parents.

Passionate about design and shoes, he decided after high school to enter the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. He did not find the training he wanted but discovered the art world and already saw some bridges between the art world and the world of graffiti. He left the Beaux-Arts, trained himself in various software programs and joined the Institut Colbert, from which he graduated in shoe design.


In 2009 I started to reflect on the place of graffiti in the art world and began a personal work in the studio. My work is articulated around 2 issues. The first is the result of research on the portrait and naturalistic subjects such as birds and the second is a work on the abstraction of the letter. I use the lines and shapes of the lettering of my classic graffiti production as a pretext for the composition of abstract paintings. The idea is to question the legitimacy and the real reasons for the presence of graffiti on the art market. I still do graffiti in a more classical way and continue to work on my style and acquire new skills. In July 2012 I showed my paintings at the "discoveries" festival in ShenZhen, China and did a small residency in Guangzhou. In 2013, invited by Dog Association, I participated in the Wonderwall project and created the fresco "la mésange bleue" in the historic centre of Cognac.


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