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Painter to Toulouse - France
Artist Painter
Abstract, Cubism, Geométric, Outdoor Sculture, Symbolism
Jean-Pierre Rives

Jean-Pierre Rives, the former iconic captain of the French XV, embodies the duality between athletic power on the field and a profound artistic sensitivity. Although he initially envisioned a career in fine arts, rugby propelled him to fame, where he shone by winning two Grand Slams with the national team. Despite this, his love for art never waned.

Through monumental sculptures like the "Ribbons of Memory," adorning the Stade de France, Rives pays tribute to France and its history. Today, he embarks on a captivating artistic project by creating a series of sculptures depicting roosters, symbols of France and its fighting spirit. Titled "coco loco," these works reflect joy, fraternity, and the celebration of sport.

In parallel with these sculptures, Rives offers numbered and signed lithographs, allowing him to share his art in an accessible way with a wider audience. Through these creations, he aims to convey a message of freedom, fraternity, and national cohesion, inspiring sports and art enthusiasts to celebrate together the values that unite French society. As an ambassador of French creativity, Jean-Pierre Rives continues to enchant the world, both on the field and in the artistic arena.


Jean-Pierre Rives's artistic approach is characterized by a unique fusion of emotion, symbolism, and visual strength. As a sculptor and painter, he draws inspiration from his renowned rugby career and his deep attachment to France and its history. His work reflects personal experience, a commitment to his country, and a desire to convey emotions and ideas through art laden with symbolism, evoking collective memory and resilience.


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