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Sculptor to Perigueux - France
Artist Sculptor
Lionel COCAIGN alias Nokuma

Lionel Cocaign, also known as Nokuma, is an artist at heart who has chosen wood as his means of expression. Driven by a love for this noble material, he finds inspiration in the touch, smell, and mysteries offered by wood. Having lived in various islands such as Tahiti, New Zealand, and New Caledonia, he has settled in the Green Périgord, where he pursues his art with passion. Specializing in wood carving and turning, Nokuma creates unique objects, carefully crafted from meticulously selected wood. In addition to his work as an artisan, he shares his expertise by teaching sculpture, welcoming both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. His commitment to conveying his art and worldview through wood makes him an authentic and inspiring artist.


Lionel Cocaign's artistic approach is marked by his 30 years of practice in wood sculpture, blending inspiration from primal arts with contemporary aesthetics. As an educator, he imparts his expertise in Nontron and Thiviers, contributing to the preservation of this ancient art form. Alongside traditional sculpture, Cocaign explores woodturning, favoring carefully selected unique pieces to craft elegant and refined works. Additionally, he embraces the raw aspect of chainsaw sculpture, mastering this demanding art with concentration and skill to produce striking pieces. This versatile and evolving artistic approach reflects Cocaign's talent and passion for woodworking, offering a diverse range of captivating pieces, both traditional and contemporary.


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