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Sculptor to Paris - France
Artist Sculptor
Tadashi Kawamata

Tadashi Kawamata (born 1953 in Mikasa, Hokkaido, lives and works in Tokyo and Paris) has produced site-specific architectural works throughout the world.

Kawamata's work reflects on architectural, urban and landscape space as a product and social context. A careful study of the human relationships that have defined it, as well as the ways of life that result from it, allow him to progressively determine the nature of his project. His works, most often ephemeral, are generally made of wood, sometimes in the form of recycled materials from the immediate environment.


Tadashi Kawamata's interventions recreate bridges between past and present, between outside and inside, between actual and potential: they reveal another identity of spaces and places, highlighting the invisible yet very real part of their cultural and social dimension. The creation of a community with which he shares the research and effort of physical work animates and founds each of his projects.

At the origin of his work, Kawamata is interested in notions of urbanism; construction or demolition sites, intermediate zones remaining in the public space, abandoned and improbable spaces of the urban environment that the artist reinvests. It is from a sensitive, physical and mental discovery of the history of the place (architecture, urbanism or landscape) and a careful study of the human relations that have defined them and the ways of life that result from them that Tadashi Kawamata gradually determines the nature of his artistic projects.


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