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Benoit Lapray

Benoit Lapray is a French photographer and creative retoucher.

Born in Bourgogne in 1980, Benoit Lapray travelled from an early age, accompanying his father, a humanitarian doctor. From his travels came a real passion for the aesthetics of landscapes, mountainous details, nature...

He studied Art, Journalistic Communication and Photography in Lyon (France) and then moved to Haute-Savoie in 2006 where he worked as a photographer/editor in an advertising photography studio near Annecy.

The Haute-Savoie will be a great "photographic playground" and it is during this period that he starts to make personal works (including the series "The Quest for the Absolute"), inspired by the sublime mountain scenery that surrounds him on a daily basis.

After 5 years spent in Haute-Savoie, he decided to return to a more urban environment and moved back to Lyon where he found a similar position in a young advertising photo studio in Lyon.

At the beginning of 2014, he left to try his luck in Paris.


Today he works as a freelance in the field of advertising photography and continues to develop his work as an artist, which he exhibits in France and abroad.

In his creative process he uses photography and digital retouching to develop a very singular universe. He likes to play with reality, to divert and transform it.

In the majority of his work, the artist takes over emblematic characters from Pop Culture to make them play unexpected roles in recomposed and hyper-realistic settings.

- Prize: winner of the "UPC Découverte" 2007 competition with a series of photographs of Architecture.


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A dozen prints from the MONUMENTS series are on display at La Maison d'Ailleurs Museum in Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) as part of the collective exhibition (RÉ)VOLTE! : from 12 March 2023 to 7 January 2024.


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