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Painter to Paris - France
Artist Painter
Geométric, Street Art, Aerosol
Olivier Swiz

SWIZ is a french artist born in 1983. He lives and works in Paris.

Swiz develops a passion for painting in his teenage years, when discovering graffiti, in 2000. The young teenager is already drawn to a vision of language combining the experiences of forms, colors and senses.

Swiz started out practicing graffiti, with a marked taste for urban no man’s land. From the streets to the studio, he developed an emancipated and innovative work, focused on writing as a challenging basis for geometrical compositions.


The works presented here appear as free interpretations of Swiz’s environments, seen through the prism of shapes and colors. Constructions and architectures are injected here to compose a hybrid language, applying a mathematical rigor in the deconstruction and the retranscription of those informations.Swiz extracts a formal register from his environment that enables to create new spaces, where classical constructions give way to a complex and dynamic geometry.The work on canvas reveals territories with fragmented volumes, sliced clearly by radical lines. The structures elaborate layers, inviting the spectator to a circulation by moving in front of the works to make their way, to perceive the hidden or invisible parts, the half- opened doors. They are designed with the aim of generating new underground spaces based on the notion of covering. The hollowed-out volumes reveal as much as they hide.Each piece can then be perceived as a track, the element of an imaginary map to be deciphered.


Facebook : OlivierSwiz
Instagram : olivier.swiz



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