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Painter to Nantes - France
Artist Painter
Street Art, Aerosol
Jef Aérosol

Born in Nantes in 1957, Jef Aérosol has lived and worked in Lille since 1984.

A French stencil artist from the first wave of urban art, he put his first stencil on the walls of Tours in 1982.

English teacher in his first life, after a one-year stay in Ireland...

Musician, member of the bands Windcatchers, Open Road and Distant Shores, he is passionately devoted to traditional Irish folk as well as to the eternal rock'n'blues...

In the 80s, driven by the eruption of the punk phenomenon, by the whirlwind of visuals, of photo-graphy, a second life began. Stencils were his favourite tool. He is part of the first generation of French urban artists using this medium with Epsylon Point, Blek le Rat and Miss.Tic.


Since then, he has travelled the streets of many countries to paint or paste his characters, often represented on a scale of 1.

His work is now characterised by the important use of black and white, with the exception of this famous red arrow, a trademark and "disruptive element"!

If his first works are selfies, his aerosol cans will very quickly project on the walls the portraits of the great figures of the "rock generation", of the cultural life as well as anonymous people, all V.I.P. (Very Important Stencils).


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