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Painter to Nantes - France
Artist Painter
Figurative, Acrylic, Oil
Delphine Cossais

Born in Paris, she grew up in Nantes, where the Beaux-Arts gave her a chance to express her art inspired by Frida Kahlo, today her style is assertive and so beautiful.

In the universe of Delphine Cossais, the portraits of women come to life, rich in patterns and shimmering colours, they are imbued with an intoxicating tenderness.

Through her magical brushes, the artist captures enigmatic glances, poetic and dreamy moments, where innocence and sensuality are gently intertwined.


Patterns, prints and styling are the key elements of her expressionism, they tell the story of her imaginary models in a unique and singular universe.

In the world of Delphine Cossais, the beauty of femininity is magnified, her works captivate and invite, to discover strong and so intimate emotions.


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Facebook : delphinecossaisartiste
Instagram : delphinecossais


From 5 July 2023 - Ground floor of Galeries Lafayette in Nantes "Viens, on partage!

Concept of a solidarity art gallery, Delphine and Mika give a second life to objects found in the attics of Galeries Lafayette to raise funds for Secours Populaire (to help children go on holiday)



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