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Painter to Nantes - France
Artist Painter
Street Art
Lady Bug

Her recognizable style emerged in 2015, following an almost visceral urge to take her turn in the street-art movement. So she developed an original stencil technique made up of multitudes of tiny holes that she drills by hand, one by one, to create portraits using the pointillism process.

Her inspiration comes from her travels around the world. She likes to give pride of place to the human figure, seeking out the emotion and expression of the face, first captured by photography before moving on to the drawing stage. The play of contrast is important, and the right balance between light and shadow is crucial to the placement of her dots. By moving the dots further apart or closer together, she brings her characters, and sometimes her animals, to life.


She places a few frescoes on the walls that inspire her, and sometimes offers participatory workshops with a variety of audiences (under-age migrants from SAMNA, pupils from SEGPA, young people from community centers, and even children from Togo and Benin). She also takes part in a number of street-art festivals in France and abroad, in between commissions for professionals, private individuals and local authorities.

Her core business is mural painting, but she likes to diversify her media by painting on canvas or recycled materials. Since 2021, she has been working with metal to create lace-like perforated steel sculptures, playing with transparency, light and cast shadows.

A pointillist and fastidious street artist who makes a point of doing things from the heart.


Facebook : LadyBugNantes
Instagram : ladybugnantes


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