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Painter in letters to Nantes - France
Artist Painter in letters
Naoned Enseignes

Freshly arrived in mid-2022, Romain from Noaned Enseignes is an old-school expert in letter painting.

During his semester spent in Dublin in 2012 studying food quality, he discovered the hand-made signs of various pubs, which completely captivated him, reviving a distant passion buried deep within him. December 2015 marked Romain's first steps in this field, as he took part in trade fairs in Nantes to make a name for himself (notably Naoned Market and the Salon de l'Habitat & Déco), leading to his first orders for outdoor signs. Today, Naoned Enseignes makes a living from its business, turning its back on its former sector to take on around fifteen projects a year, carried out in close collaboration with 'la Rusée', Artistic Director for the last ten years: an electric duo bringing just the right luminosity to the storefronts signed by his brushes.



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