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Painter to Sydney - Australia
Artist Painter
Michael Thomas HILL

Born in Melbourne in 1962 and raised in Sydney. He studied painting at the National Art School, then obtained his BA in sculpture, performance and installation at Sydney College of the Arts. Also holds an MA in Media Art from UNSW Art & Design. He creates projects in a variety of media, including painting, assemblage and digital media. For the past twenty years he has worked in museums and public spaces creating media installations for exhibitions.


His works embrace paradox and aporia – moments of confusion, contradiction and doublethink – which he believes are symptomatic of our times. Yet the ability to keep competing ideas in mind is a necessary strategy for life, and works of art that carry their opposite retain their vitality.

He is also interested in the non-heroic, the small, the unfinished and the temporary, the art of non-professionals, creative systems and data, museum collections and what they reveal, the edges sea and the intertidal zone, plants and everything nearby.


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