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Painter to Melbourne - Australia
Artist Painter
Tommy Day

Tommy Day is a Gunditjmara, Wemba Wemba and Yorta Yorta based in Victoria.

Tommy is currently serving his second term as AILA's Cultural Ambassador. He is a multidisciplinary artist and designer and owner of Jirri Jirri Art & Design.

He partners with various artists to create authentic works.

Tommy is currently a consultant for several projects in Victoria. He works closely with traditional owners and is committed to ensuring that design principles and philosophies are at the heart of all projects.

Tommy firmly believes in designing in harmony with the land, and in true, authentic partnerships based on legitimacy and cultural correspondence, working closely with elders and the community. His passion is to ensure that traditional owners are well informed and supported in making decisions about the land that are in line with the community's aspirations and identity.


Instagram : jirri_jirri



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