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Drickë Issamatro

Dricke Issamatro, a Lifou resident and native, is a woodcarver in the Hnathalo tribe. He creates pieces inspired by traditional Kanak art. He works exclusively with local woods: sandalwood, rosewood, gaiac or tamanou. Faces, floral motifs, turtles, fish and lizards adorn the totems that Dricke creates.

Originally a farmer, then a pastry chef, Dricke decided to devote himself full-time to sculpture three years ago. Like most of Lifou's sculptors, Dricke is a true autodidact who learned by watching others do it. It's at festive events such as the sandalwood festival that the sculptor meets the island's other craftsmen for moments of exchange and sharing of their respective practices and know-how. Today, Dricke is proud to be able to make a living from his passion.

Dricke sculpts pieces of all sizes according to his inspirations, in his workshop next to his home. However, he also works a lot on commission.


Facebook : jiji.issamatro


Hnathalo, Lifou, Nouvelle-Calédonie
98820 Lifou


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